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Welcome to ProTrack Sales, we have over 20 years of expertise

February 7, 2023

8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Monday to Friday

13201 NW Fwy #500

Houston, TX 77040


Increase sales and productivity using ProTrack Handheld, manage inventory, DSD, and Pre-Sales routes!



What type of system is ProTrack handheld software?

It is route accounting – sales automation system, which works great for wholesale distribution and manufacturing type companies with DSD, pre-sale, and or conventional delivery models.

How do I process sales orders and invoices remotely without filling out hand written tickets?

Use this software product to do it electronically and only enter it once, then it will be transmitted to your accounting/POS/ERP system automatically.

What type of products and services can be used with ProTrack?

Any type of products, perishable and nonperishable goods and services like groceries, dairy products, liquor, soft drinks, coffee, auto parts, petroleum, heating & plumping or any type of products or services.

What type of devices will it work with?

Most mobile computers and smart phones that utilize Pocket PC or Windows Mobile OS.

How does it transmit order or invoice data the accounting system?

Data can be transmitted wirelessly using the data connection of a smart phone or mobile computer (EV-DO, EDGE, EGPRS,HSDPA, CDMA), or via Wi-Fi – 802.11, or by using the devices sync cable to the PC. (AT&T, Sprint/T-Mobile, Verizon, Etc, and international carriers)

What accounting systems will it work with?

It will work with all QuickBooks versions including Enterprise, Sage 50 (Peachtree), Sage 100 (MAS/90/200), Ross ERP, SAP-B1, most any ERP, accounting or POS systems with modifications to our interface.  ProTrack was developed to work with any backend system from the ground up.

How much data or items can it hold?

Data is only limited by the available space on the device, but it can hold 2K items and 2K customers easily.

How do you secure the data if the device is lost or stolen?

The data on the handheld is encrypted and password protected, even if you try to open the database with another program, the data will be unreadable.  More, if you are using the ProTrack Sync Server you can lock the device and delete all the data and programs remotely.

What types of sales can ProTrack process remotely?

DSD, Pre-sale, conventional, and any type of delivery process can be transmitted as sales order or invoices with picking tickets.  Also ProTrack can record and process returns, spoils, and misc. credits.

What types of reports can ProTrack produce?

Daily Sales by item or customer, physical inventory and truck loading reports.  Reports can by printed to any IP/network printer remotely or on a mobile printer.

Can ProTrack print receipts?

Yes, using a mobile printer from Intermec, Zebra or O’Neil.

Will Inner-Net, Inc sell to Dealers, CPA’s and Consultants?

Yes, we will with any person our customers want to represent them.

Will Inner-Net, Inc support Partners to help make the sale by providing Demo product and their expertise?

Yes, we will support you as much or as little based on your desire.  If you want us to work with you and your customer we will do that!  Or if you want to recommend us to your customer we will send you a commission.

Can ProTrack be setup in the Spanish language?

Yes, this is done in the device setup screen.

Can ProTract work with barcode scanners?

Yes, using a Motorola/Intermec/Etc. mobile computer, imager equipped or any other handheld manufacturer that makes mobile computers with barcode scanner.

Do you offer support after the sale?

Yes, and we handle all of the support of the handheld users and offer after hours support if needed.

Can this system be deployed as SAAS or do you have a Hosting model that is more affordable?

Yes, we offer software and hardware hosting for those companies that cannot purchase the system outright or don’t have the ability to have the needed sever systems and infrastructure at their facility, all for as little as $75.00 per month.

What unit of measure types can ProTrack use when selling different products?

Products can be sold by, weight, catch weight, case, box, ea, bottle, bag, gallon, liter or whatever measurement is needed.

Does ProTrack have any type of route management built into it?

Yes, it will allow the salesman or driver set schedules for their route, and using the Sync-Server it can be managed remotely.

Can ProTrack be setup to perform pre-sale and conventional sales simultaneously?

Yes, we have a dual mode version of the software! This allows the driver/salesman to sell from his truck inventory as well as pre-sale products he is not carrying on the truck.

I have Kroger as a customer, can ProTrack handheld use the DEX/UCS port at their back door to up-load invoice information to the store’s payment system?

Yes, this is an add-on module to the ProTrack Software License or can be used in standalone mode for delivery trucks.  However, you must be using a mobile computer like the Motorola MC-75 or Intermec CN50 which can be equipped with a DEX cable for this functionally.

Can ProTrack capture signature on the handheld and print them on the receipt?

Yes! Also, ProTrack has the ability to transmit the signature back to the main system if needed.

Can I track Lot Numbers using handheld system so that I can easily find recalled products?

Yes!  Our handheld software will allow you to scan or manually enter the lot control number, which will tied to the customers and invoices.  Using our web portal system you will be able to search for a lot number and see which customers got that product and when it was delivered.

Can I expand my business by using a handheld computer equipped with ProTrack?

If you want to grow your business by expending to another city, don’t go to that city and rent an office, buy furniture, and hire a receptionist! Just hire the best Salesman you can find and equip him with ProTrack and you can start servicing That city today!  ProTrack is the best way extend the reach of your sales business without the need to have an office or distribution center in that location.

I have merchandisers working in my customers stores, can ProTrack collect product information to better help me represent our products?

Yes, ProTrack has a complete merchandising system built into it.  This system is used to collect and transmit product placement information to a stand-alone database.  This system is customized to meet the needs of our specific customers.  Also, you can track the productivity of your merchandisers and alert your managers to problems in the store by (Fax, Email or Text messages).

If I want to manage my routes and check on sales on-line from a different city can I do this using ProTrack?

Yes, using our Web Portal you can login from any internet based computer anywhere in the world and track your routes and run reports, setup promotions or issue and re-call from the lot control system.).